EmaFusion™: The Key to Unlocking Accuracy and Efficiency
May 25, 2024, 3 min read time

Published by Souvik Sen in Agentic AI

Is your team overwhelmed with the sheer number of AI tools launching daily, and still can’t find one that meets your accuracy and reliability requirements? Single-model AI can be unreliable and inconsistent, costly, leading to wasted time and missed opportunities. EmaFusion™ changes the game.

What is EmaFusion™

EmaFusion™ is a mixture of experts model that utilizes most of the current foundational models — GPT 4, GPT 3.5, Claude, Gemini, Mistral, Llama2 (plus many more), and private models based on your internal enterprise data — to provide an informed result that maximizes relevance and accuracy.

EmaFusion™ allows Ema to be a universal AI employee who can perform various tasks, from engaging in conversations, reasoning, and making informed decisions to excelling in areas that require substantial knowledge and dynamically creating workflows across multiple applications.

How EmaFusion™ Works

When a task is created, the EmaFusion™ model recognizes and sends it to a subset of the models responsible for the framework that the task is based on, thus providing a more specific, accurate, and in-depth response.

Unlike AI tools focused on just one model, EmaFusion™ intelligently fuses the output from multiple models suitable for performing a particular sub-task type. To personalize the output further, you can use BYOM (Bring Your Own Model) to integrate your custom-trained models for specialized tasks.

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Benefits of EmaFusion

Maximize Accuracy at the Lowest Cost

EmaFusion™ doesn’t rely on just one source of intelligence but rather on the strengths of different foundational models to deliver the best accuracy while optimizing for cost, latency, and compliance. This approach allows EmaFusionTM to select the most suitable model for each subtask within a larger workflow, ensuring optimal performance.

Continuously Better Performance

AI models continuously improve, just like an internal employee would be. Ema automatically evaluates and updates the competencies of each model so the results you get are always the most accurate and optimal.

Future Proof Your AI Investment

EmaFusion™ allows you to avoid vendor lock-in by adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of large language models. As new and improved models emerge EmaFusion™ can seamlessly integrate them, ensuring your AI capabilities remain cutting-edge.

Minimize the Risk of Hallucinations

Current GenAI solutions often suffer from “hallucinations,” where they produce inaccurate or nonsensical outputs. This leads to costly mistakes, wasted resources, and loss of trust in AI technology. By utilizing 40+ models, EmaFusion™ reduces the risk of hallucinations while using the best each model offers.

Trustworthy by Design

Privacy is one of the top-of-mind challenges when it comes to AI technology. To ensure your data is safe, EmaFusion™ obfuscates any personal information before it gets to the AI model.