Calling Fresh Graduates to Our APM Program - Help Change the World!
June 14, 2024, 4 min read time

Published by Anushka Pathak in APM Program

We have a big mission as a small company: Grow World GDP by Transforming Every Business with Universal AI Employees. For such an ambitious mission to come to fruition, we need extraordinary talent.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce the Ema Associate Product Manager (APM) Program — a unique opportunity for aspiring product managers to kickstart their careers in the dynamic field of B2B Gen AI.

We deeply believe in the transformative impact APM programs can have on both organizations and individuals. I was fortunate to begin my career with the APM program at Flipkart and have witnessed firsthand how it accelerated careers for my peers and me. Our CEO, Surojit Chatterjee, led the product organizations at Flipkart and Coinbase and helped launch their respective APM programs, where he saw them deliver outsized benefits for the teams working with high-energy, enterprising APMs.

Launching an APM program is an unorthodox move for startups — the consensus seems to be that APM programs are run by teams with spare bandwidth for mentorship and low-risk projects new PMs can train on. We hold a contrarian view. Startups offer an exceptional environment for aspiring builders and entrepreneurs to learn the ropes of building products that deliver impact immediately while working at a fast pace and dealing with constraints. Most startups, by design, encourage PMs to be customer-obsessed, wear multiple hats, expand scope quickly, and fail fast and gracefully.

Our APM program is structured to offer autonomy alongside robust support. As an APM at Ema, you will independently lead mission-critical workstreams and own the end-to-end success of your products. However, we recognize that this is your first stint in managing products, and we’ll ensure you are supported through mentorship, coaching, and access to a wealth of resources to help you develop the necessary skills and mindset to succeed. Apart from being assigned a designated Senior PM mentor, the APM cohort will also receive coaching from our founders and senior leaders.

You will also gain hands-on experience across various adjacent roles, from marketing and sales to design, customer success, and data science. This multifaceted exposure will make you a well-rounded PM and is an invaluable opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. As a generative AI company, all our product managers are technical and AI-first, collaborating with accomplished AI and engineering partners. This program will help you stay up-to-date with the latest AI research and influence the trajectory of the industry.

Key benefits:

  • Business School tuition sponsorship for top APMs: For APMs who are given an offer to return to Ema post-Business School / Higher Education, Ema will cover half of the tuition fees upon return. APMs can choose to not pursue higher education and grow at Ema internally.
  • Coaching and mentorship from highly accomplished leaders.
  • Connections to a powerful and sought-after network of world leaders for future endeavors.

We envision this program as a launchpad for future leaders of our company. We’re looking for individuals with excellent problem-solving and communication skills. A technical background and past experience in leading teams or launching solutions can help you stand apart.

How to Apply

To join the Ema APM Program, you need to complete a deck based on the prompt provided here. This exercise will help both you and us determine if you would thrive at Ema. The current cohort of the APM program will work out of our Bangalore office. Submit your CV, deck, and answer a few basic questions through our APM application form.

Associate Product Manager

Associate Product Manager at a hyper growth GenAI startup

Apply now and take the first step towards an exciting career in AI and product management with Ema!