Revolutionizing Customer Support with AI:

How Envoy Global Leverages Ema for Enhanced Service and Efficiency

Founded in 1998, Envoy Global offers an improved immigration process for both domestic and overseas employers and their foreign nationals, augmenting expert legal guidance with cutting-edge technology. With a client base spanning over 1,500 companies across diverse industries and geographies. Envoy specializes in addressing the workforce needs, particularly in STEM fields, of businesses managing international staff.

Foreign nationals within Envoy’s customer base have thousands of requests a year, many of which are critical for the employees to maintain proper status in the country they are working in. As Envoy’s customer base grew, their customer support teams needed to ensure they maintained accurate and fast response times. Likewise, Envoy’s affiliated law firm wanted to ensure the legal teams could scale while continuing to deliver high-touch and complex legal advice in record time. Envoy knew it had to find a homegrown solution that would give time back to their services teams but also be a long- term partner that could scale with them, across functions, as the company continued to grow.

Broadly recognized as the leader in mobility technology, Envoy saw the possibility of Generative AI to further enhance its service. Under the leadership of Mahi Inampudi, Chief Technology Officer, Envoy pulled together a small in-house team to build a solution to help its affiliated law firm prepare first-draft responses to customers’ questions. After months of effort, getting to a reasonable level of accuracy proved to be a formidable challenge. It was at this point in their AI journey that Envoy was introduced to the Ema team. With Ema’s help, Envoy has been able to use Generative AI to answer employee questions more promptly.

Ema’s Customer Support Assistant Persona:

A Universal AI Employee to Automatically Respond to Complex Support Tickets

Fundamentally, Universal AI mimics the persona of a designated role and learns from that role. This entails the ability to engage in conversations, grasp context, incorporate ongoing human feedback, engage in reasoning, and execute informed decision-making. Ema’s Customer Support Assistant Persona seamlessly integrated with Envoy’s existing ticketing system and, after a few rounds of feedback from the appropriate teams, she could draft a response for the agents to review and resolve more than half of the tickets, at a high level of accuracy saving 70% -80% of the support team’s time. Envoy’s affiliated law firm is also incorporating the Universal AI Employee to increase research speed and document review to deliver faster, more efficient response times to clients and their employees.


"Ema has been a game-changer for us at Envoy Global. With its unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, it has enhanced our approach to elements of customer support"

Mahi R. Inampudi, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Inampudi expresses growing enthusiasm for the potential of Ema, emphasizing the company's eagerness to explore further possibilities for collaboration. "The success we've seen with Ema has sparked our enthusiasm to explore new avenues for innovation. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead as we’re excited about the way technology can augment the delivery of our services," remarks Mahi, highlighting their readiness to embrace future advancements in Generative AI-driven applications.


Throughout the partnership, Envoy Global has commended the professionalism and expertise demonstrated by the Ema team. From initial discussions to deployment, quality fine-tuning, and ongoing support, the collaboration between Envoy Global and Ema has been characterized by a shared commitment to excellence and a dedication to delivering unparalleled service to clients

Mahi R. Inampudi, Chief Technology Officer

Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence with Ema, and discover the limitless possibilities of a Universal AI Employee.

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Founded in 1998, Envoy is a global immigration services provider offering an immigration management platform that makes it seamless for companies to hire and manage an international workforce.

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Mahi R. Inampudi

Chief Technology Officer, Envoy Global and President, Envoy India