How Moneyview uses Ema for

Customer Support automation for a diverse customer base

Moneyview is a popular digital lending and savings platform based in India, with more than 45 million app downloads and $1.4B in loans disbursed. As Moneyview rapidly grew, they also faced a growing queue of customer support queries from their diverse customer base across India. A large segment of their customers required support in non-English local languages. The lack of multilingual chatbots along with their users’ inherent distrust in bots made automating their customer support queues extremely challenging despite the repetitive nature of customers’ queries.

Adding to these challenges was the variable, cyclical nature of their volumes. Many more customers tend to ask questions around the monthly loan repayment deadlines in the first week of each month. The support team fields queries about payment failures, extension requests, requests for confirmation if the payment was received etc. Dealing with these spikes is challenging due to much longer queues than usual. This is also a delicate time for the customers who are concerned about their repayment status and expect quick responses to allay their concerns. Hiring more human agents wasn’t a potential solution since the extra hires would not have tickets to deal with for the rest of the month.

Moneyview made a move in the direction of automation internally, by building models to predict categories and subcategories of tickets linguistically. These non-generative AI models had limited utility, with low accuracy even for this limited categorization task.

While looking for more reliable and accurate ways to improve their customer experience, Moneyview decided to pilot Ema’s Customer Support Assistant persona and found the solution to be extremely effective and quick at adapting to their unique context. With over 70% tickets being answered automatically by Ema in the first few weeks of the pilot, it was obvious that Ema’s AI employee was perfectly suited to the task at hand.

Ema’s Customer Support Assistant Persona:

An AI Employee to automate customer support with appropriate tone in multiple languages

Moneyview provided Ema with the knowledge base that agents trained and relied upon, along with millions of past tickets to derive insights from. Ema was able to predict the right categorization and then utilize the data provided to generate a good response for 70% of all tickets. Notably, Ema was able to understand Hindi and Hinglish queries along with the ones in English. Ema was integrated directly with Moneyview’s Freshdesk instance - providing her the same access rights as her human colleagues. Ema assisted support agents by suggesting responses to help them get to resolution quickly.

Ema’s instant and accurate responses to some of the most stressful customer questions help Moneyview provide a better customer experience and build a more trusted brand, leading to higher retention over time. The high rates of automation also help them greatly reduce operational costs and sustainably deal with their problem of support volume seasonality.


Witnessing Ema's integration into our customer support has been nothing short of revolutionary. Ema's Customer Support persona not only assists our support specialists to expedite response time to customer tickets but also ensures accuracy and appropriateness in tone, a critical factor given our diverse customer base. In a landscape where simplicity and clarity are paramount, Ema shines by delivering fast and precise answers using straightforward language, accommodating our non-native English-speaking customers seamlessly.

Venkatraman Narayan, Moneyview’s Head of Customer Experience


Having explored numerous tools in the past, I can confidently say that Ema's unique approach surpasses anything I've encountered before, setting a new standard for efficient and effective customer support.

Ema’s Customer Support Assistant persona can help uplevel your support team, empowering them to respond to your customers’ questions more efficiently and accurately. It can reduce support turnaround times for complex queries from hours to mere seconds, leading to much higher customer satisfaction. Hire Ema today and unlock the many benefits.

Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence with Ema, and discover the limitless possibilities of a Universal AI Employee.

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Moneyview is a financial services unicorn in India offering personal finance management tools and instant personal loan services to enhance financial inclusion and accessibility.

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Venkatraman Narayan

Head of Customer Experience, Moneyview