Revolutionizing Customer Support:

How TrueLayer Leverages Ema for Enhanced Service and Efficiency

TrueLayer, established in 2016 by Francesco Simoneschi and Luca Martinetti, is a fintech pioneer in the UK and EU transforming financial services with open banking APIs. It empowers developers to securely access and leverage financial data, driving innovation in payments, lending, and personal finance. TrueLayer prioritizes transparency, security, and compliance, enabling businesses to create groundbreaking financial solutions while safeguarding customer data.

As a fast growing FinTech company responsible for managing critical payment for their customers, timely and accurate customer support is paramount to TrueLayer. TrueLayer needed to find a solution where they could free up their customer support team to focus on the most complex support cases while software automates the rest.

Ema’s Customer Support Assistant Persona:

Helping TrueLayer’s Support Team to Focus on Limited Set of High Value Customer Cases

Ema’s Customer Support Assistant Persona seamlessly integrated with TrueLayer’s Zendesk system in minutes, using our pre-built integration. Ema then learnt more about TrueLayer and their support processes by ingesting their Notion knowledge base.

TrueLayer provides their clients with a set of financial APIs to connect to payment rails in each country and region. A big challenge was understanding code and APIs that TrueLayer provides and figuring out which APIs to use in which countries, regions and accounts. It was also critical to figure out when escalation to human agents was needed. For many sensitive issues related to fraud, security, and compliance policies, TrueLayer wanted a seamless handover back to their human agents.

Just within a few weeks of training, over 82% of cases could be satisfactorily resolved by Ema. Thanks to her domain understanding features, Ema systematically bridged her technical knowledge gap in this domain on her own, once provided with resources and feedback. Ema now operates with the same vocabulary and tone a seasoned technical support agent would. Ema also correctly detects which tickets it should hand over to human agents and proactively assists them in resolving those tickets faster.

Every week, Ema’s Customer Support Assistant Persona kept improving its accuracy and efficiency, instilling a level of trust that is undeniable.


I’ve been truly impressed by the evolution of our partnership with Ema. Every week, Ema's Customer Support Assistant Persona kept improving its accuracy and efficiency. The rapid progress is a testament to Ema's unique approach to building Gen AI applications, and I am genuinely excited to see how our collaboration will continue to elevate our customer experience.

Elizaveta Shevchenka, Technical Support Lead at TrueLayer

What makes Ema a perfect hire for your support team?

Single click onboarding to helpdesk and knowledge base
Conversational feedback to improve accuracy rapidly
Resolves complex queries Ema hasn’t seen before
Trained to abstain and escalate appropriately

Hire Ema today in your support organization to instantly unlock a better experience for your customers and productivity improvements for your support team.

Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence with Ema, and discover the limitless possibilities of a Universal AI Employee.

About the company

TrueLayer is a financial technology company offering APIs for secure access to banking data and services, facilitating the development of innovative financial applications.

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Elizaveta Shevchenko

Technical Support Lead, TrueLayer